Holistic Retirement Planning

Why do I need a holistic plan?

The ultra-high net worth investors have had the benefit of coordinated financial planning for years.  Unfortunately, the middle class and middle-class millionaires who need holistic planning the most, have not benefited from this same level of service. While many investment advisors claim to provide holistic planning, most advisors typically focus one or two aspects of financial planning and avoid or prohibit their advisors from providing planning in the areas taxes and healthcare/Medicare. Unfortunately, this leaves the clients that most need coordinated holistic advice with the risk of running out of money due to poor planning, particularly in retirement.

Watch below to better understand the value of a holistic advisor.

By creating a holistic plan, we will optimize all assets and strategies to work collectively towards your goals, while also reducing critical inefficiencies. To learn more about how our proven process enables us to create customized holistic plans for our clients click here.

The Money Cycle

Have you ever heard of The Money Cycle?  The Money Cycle is something that we all go through during our lifetime, and there are three phases: accumulation, preservation, and distribution.  Watch the video to learn more.

Take Control of Your Financial Future

Studies have shown that on average retirees who have a level of financial security in retirement live longer and happier lives.  We believe your retirement years should be a time for you to enjoy the fruits of your many years of labor.  Whether retirement means traveling the world, spending time with your grandchildren, or starting a new venture, we believe having a secure plan in place will allow you to truly enjoy your retirement years. 

Although we can’t forecast future stock market returns or predict what the future tax code will look like, we believe that through proper planning, you can achieve a more secure financial future by addressing your biggest retirement risks. These risks include poor returns in the early years of retirement, outliving your life expectancy, inflation eroding your purchasing power, and taxes eroding your wealth. As holistic planners, our responsibility is to assist you in managing and preparing for these risks, and to help you invest with confidence for the long term.

Tax Management in Retirement

Taxes in general are complicated, but when you add in additional tax rules associated with Social Security and increased Medicare premiums associated with income levels, you get a whole new level of confusion.  Because taxes are typically the largest expense in retirement, we believe that it is critical to have a knowledgeable team to ensure that you pay the least you are legally required to pay.  While, accountants are a valuable part of our client’s financial team, we also recognize that accountants tend to be more focused on correctly filing tax returns than analyzing strategies to reduce your taxes both in the current and future years.  We work with our clients to identify applicable strategies and plan strategically to ensure that they pay the least amount possible.  To learn more about our proven tax management process click here.

Legacy planning for your spouse and family

The biggest misconception we see is people think that legacy planning is “just for the kids.” However, for many families, legacy planning is MOST important for the surviving spouse. After a spouse passes away, one of the biggest shocks that is not talked about enough is the significantly increased tax burden that is placed on the surviving spouse.  This occurs because the surviving spouse goes from the married to the single tax brackets, and in the process the standard deduction is cut in half, marginal brackets shrink, and overall taxes go up dramatically. Added to which, losing one of the two Social Security payments and potential pensions, income is almost always reduced as well. So, taxes go up and income goes down for a surviving spouse.  Without proper planning this is often detrimental to the standard of living that the surviving spouse can now afford.

Legacy planning for the kids and other important people in your life is also vital to ensure that taxes don’t significantly reduce your assets that you are able to pass on.  We like to remind our clients that it isn’t the top line number that is most important, it’s the after-tax bottom line number that truly matters.  The IRS would love for you not to plan and leave most of your assets to the government, but proper planning can help ensure that you leave the largest amount to your heirs.

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