Our Proven Process

Four Step Proven Process

Our time-tested, four-step approach was designed to ensure that we understand your current situation, your desired destination, and provide you with an actionable plan that we will assist you in executing. Finally, we will help you remain on course by providing ongoing service to ensure that your plan evolves as your objectives and requirements shift.

Discover Where You Are Now

  • About You: Wealth Management is a deeply personal relationship, and we are honored to get to know our clients.
  • Your Goals & Objectives: Cookie cutter plans miss out on significant opportunities. Our Wealth Management and Financial Planning strategies are highly dependent on your specific goals and objectives.
  • Your Current Finances & Taxes: We frequently discover that most people do not coordinate their investments and taxes.
  • Your Priorities: Holistic Wealth Management can sometimes be intimidating; therefore, we try to focus on the most important priorities first and address the lesser concerns at a later stage.
  • Our Services: We want to make sure that you understand our services and philosophies and make sure we are a good fit for your needs.
  • Our Process: Our process is highly educational in nature. Instead of just asking you to trust us, we will work to help you understand how each recommendation aligns with your Goals and Priorities.

Design a Plan for Where You Want to Go

  • Organizing Your Financial Life: If you have accounts and files all over the place, it can be hard to make sense of your overall financial picture. We use a proprietary “Family Estate Organizer” to centralize your financial self. We’ll continually add to and update your Organizer annually to ensure you and your loved ones are prepared.
  • Understanding Your Net Worth: Different investment types and account types create issues and opportunities that need to be understood and addressed to ensure your wealth is optimized.
  • Assessing Your Cash Flow: Identifying changes in your current and anticipated future cash flows is vital for effective financial planning.
  • Tax Return Review: Taxes are one of your largest expenses in your lifetime. We believe that incorporating tax planning and tax management can be one of the most effective ways to optimize your financial plan.
  • Analyzing Your Risk: We have a unique risk tolerance assessment that delineates between your soon and later buckets. Beyond investment risks, we identify other risks to your plan including life insurance needs analysis, long-term care cost planning, business, and liability risks.
  • Developing Your Plan: We work to incorporate all the above to identify your specific needs and goals.

Deliver Your Holistic Plan

  • Finalize Your Customized Bucket Plan: By identifying your needs and goals by time horizon, we have found that we not only deliver a plan that is effective, but also one that you understand.
  • Align Investments with Your Market Volatility Tolerance Analysis: Our time segmenting allocation philosophy allows dollars to be invested according to when you’ll be spending them. This approach takes the worry out of your income needs being subject to market fluctuations. By designing a custom plan for each client we can more specifically address each clients unique goals and objectives.
  • Optimize your Cash Flow: We will identify distribution strategies to optimize your cash flow and minimize taxes.
  • Provide Solutions: Depending on the scope of your plan, our recommendations can include legacy planning, charitable gifting or other client specific solutions.
  • Transition and Implementation Plan: We outline the transition and implementation plan to get you from where you are currently into a fully implemented plan.

Dedicated Service and Support

  • Active Plan Management: While plans are created to provide a clear path forward, life and circumstances change, and plan management is necessary to ensure the plan changes as your life happens.
  • Ongoing Advice: As new issues and opportunities arise; our team of professionals can help find solutions to issues that are outside the scope of your original plan.
  • Tax and Wealth Management: We believe that integrating both tax and wealth management into a coordinated solution optimizes your wealth.
  • Proactive Communication & Education: We proactively reach out to our clients regarding both financial market and tax law developments. We also regularly offer educational market insights and perspectives from a variety of industry experts.
  • Plan Update Meetings: Even if life events haven’t necessitated a change in your financial plan, we believe reviewing and updating your financial plan annually will help keep you on track.

Client Centered Solutions

Our goals-based approach to retirement planning allows our clients to have added peace of mind that they are on-track for their ideal lifestyle in retirement.

With over 40 years of 401(k) and pension plan design experience, our team of plan administrators and consultants help our clients create, administer, and manage company specific solutions designed for our client’s needs. Discover how our customized solutions help our clients achieve their goals.  Read More

If you decide someday to sell your business, there are tax consequences. We have unique strategies for mitigating tax drag over the long haul for our business owners.

In collaboration with your CPAs, tax, and estate attorneys, we implement solutions to help mitigate both current and future tax consequences.

We combine in-house investment management with institutional third-party money managers to create custom portfolios that meet the needs of our clients’ objectives and risk tolerance.

Any plan without sufficient risk management can leave your loved ones in an unwanted position at an inopportune time. That is why we run an analysis and help fill in the gaps for life insurance, disability, and long-term care. 

In addition to risk management, life insurance is a tool we use for estate preservation and creating tax-efficient retirement income for our clients.

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