Risk Management

Risk Management

Any plan without sufficient risk management can leave your loved ones in an unwanted position at an inopportune time. That is why we run an analysis for our clients and help fill in the gaps for life insurance, disability, and long-term care.  Many clients fail to realize the risk of early death or long-term disability on their financial plan.  No one likes thinking about these issues but without proper planning to identify the possible risks and appropriate solutions, the likelihood of your plan succeeding is likely much lower than you think.

Life Insurance

Term life insurance is a great low-cost tool to protect your family from lost income in the event of your death.

Universal life insurance provides permanent insurance protection with the ability to build cash value that can be used a source of liquidity via tax free loans.  Some of these newer policies also provide a living benefit to be used for Long Term Care costs.

Long Term Care Insurance

The statistics show that the likelihood of adults aged 65 and older needing some form of long term care is 70%.

The average length of stay in long term care is roughly 3 years and just over 20% of residents will require care for 5 years or longer.

Medicaid only kicks in once all your household assets have been depleted and thus only 42% of America’s long-term care costs are covered by Medicaid.

We evaluate both traditional long-term care insurance as well as hybrid solutions to find a solution that best meets our clients’ needs.

Homeowners and Umbrella coverage

Being closely situated to Louisville and Superior, CO, the site of the 2021 wildfire we have seen firsthand the issues with clients not updating their homeowners coverage.  While we don’t provide homeowners insurance, we discuss this issue with all our clients to ensure that both structure and liability coverages are sufficient.

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