Eric Veve, AAMS

Eric serves as a financial advisor and investment analyst for Epiqwest Investment Corporation. He has been working in the financial services industry since 2001.

Eric’s experience includes working as a manager at MetLife and Financial Advisor at Fidelity Investments, assisting high net worth clients with retirement income planning and portfolio allocation.  Eric strives to provide his clients with personal attention and unbiased investment and risk management solutions.

Eric believes that success as an investor is not defined as beating a benchmark or an index over any short period. This definition of success often leaves clients underserved and consumed by volatility and uncertainty. Instead, Eric believes that success is defined by first understanding his client’s financial goals and objectives and who they are as investors. Once these are understood, Eric helps design a plan that allows the client to achieve their goals and objectives over a full market cycle. This approach provides clients peace of mind and helps remove the financial stress and burdens of day to day volatility and uncertainty within the market.

Eric was born and raised in Boulder, CO and attended college at Metropolitan State University of Denver while serving in the US Army National Guard, and he is an Accredited Asset Management Specialist. Eric lives in Erie, CO, with his wife of 18 years and their three beautiful children. Eric is a board member of Transform Nations, an International Non-Profit. When away from the office he enjoys all the activities his children are involved with and spending time with his family and friends.