Wealth Planning isn’t simply a retirement plan or an investment policy statement. We believe that these are important pieces; but in order to maximize your financial outcomes, you need an advisor that understands how tax and legacy planning coordinate with the other pieces of a comprehensive plan. Often times, clients come to us with disjointed or incomplete plans created by former advisors that have focused solely on either investments or tax/estate planning. When there is a lack of coordination between advisors, the advice given to a client is usually incomplete and even sometimes contradicting. This creates a confusing and often frustrating plan that accomplishes far less than what was desired. At Epiqwest, we proactively work with tax and estate professionals to ensure that we create a comprehensive roadmap for our clients.

Business Owners

Wealth Planning can look very different for each client. However, tax and investment strategies tend to vary the greatest depending on whether or not you are a business owner. As business owners ourselves, we recognize that there are unique needs and financial challenges when one owns a business.
For the majority of business owners, wealth is usually concentrated in a single asset, the business. Common questions that we receive from business owners include:

  • How do I optimize current income to myself and my family?
  • How do I retain as much value as possible when the business is sold?
  • How do I plan for retirement given I have no pension plan?
  • How do I transfer the most wealth possible to my beneficiaries?
  • How do I protect my wealth if my business is sued?

While wealth planning for business owners can seem daunting; there are some great benefits and planning strategies that are available only to business owners. In fact, we believe that if you take the time to complete the appropriate planning that you will find that the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Epiqwest would be honored to guide a team of tax, estate planning, and wealth management experts to chart a cohesive course for the accumulation, protection, growth, and transference of your wealth.